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Goldilocks Zone

by Algol

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Kepler-22b 06:07
Gliese 581g 09:33
Gliese 581c 08:01
Gliese 581e 11:17
Gliese 581b 08:15
Gliese 581d 09:51
Gliese 876d 08:52


earthMANTRA (eM) is proud to bring you first release of the reborn label.

Legendary netlabel Earth Mantra went off the air in mid-2013, with industry veteran and champion of the genre Darrell Burgan stepping away from the label he had so lovingly nurtured over the years. Rather than let the label fade into a fond memory, we at rM (relaxedMACHINERY) decided to partner it with our existing structure.

10 months later, we're happy to say we're finally ready to re-launch this ship and we couldn't think of a better way to do it than with Algol's "Goldilocks Zone"

"The circumstellar habitable zone, or Goldilocks Zone, is the region
around star where planets with sufficient atmospheric pressure can
support liquid water at their surfaces. On this album, we cover a very
small fraction of all possible exoplanets in the Goldilocks Zone: the
planets which are beyond our reach but the most intriguing ones. We are curious what they look like, what conditions they provide?

And the ultimate question - is there life out there?

On this album, we dream about extraterrestrial oceans, which in our
mind can represent life like nothing else." - Daniil Kazantsev

In keeping with the old label's traditions, all music on eM is free for download. Listeners can pay for eM releases if they choose to do so, and all funds from those sales will go directly to the artists themselves - eM keeps nothing of these funds.


released March 24, 2014

eM2003 2014 earthMANTRA
Guitars, effects, mixing and mastering by D.Kazantsev
Special thanks to Kati Astraeir for providing great visuals.
Sleeve design by Steve Brand.




earthMANTRA Boston, Massachusetts

earthMANTRA (eM) is a privately owned and operated ambient music label that exists for the sole purpose bringing high-quality ambient music to fans of the genre in a "Pay What You Want" environment.

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